Hungarian Soul – curator of beautiful images

After a long break, Hungarian Soul is back: Mostly a collection of beautiful images from across the web… Worth a visit just for these, but if further incentive is needed, Mr Hungarian is on a Deep Purple roll.


I’ve just discovered another namesake. The last one I stumbled across appeared to own a tank. This Andrew Munro is merely a very talented photographer. Check him out, here.  


Fantastic photographs of tremendous trees: A forest-full, with info and credits, here.

The font at Salisbury Cathedral

William Pye's "living water" font reflecting stained glass

Provence blue

Somewhere, deep in the heart of that region lies an ancient workshop that produces paint solely for the shutters and doors of Provence.  The secretive craftsmen – some say they are les gnomes – work almost entirely in shades and shards of blue, from a secret recipe rumoured to comprise three parts sky and two parts […]

Live, work, play in Hampshire

I finally made it to the Live Work Play Exhibition in Winchester. Organised by the RIBA in Hampshire, it is an exhibition of work by the county’s architects both locally and internationally. The buildings range from bridges to embassies and from small extensions to vast new-build mansions. Details I recall in particular include a floating […]

Amazing staircase by Oscar Niemeyer

Isn’t this simply, elegantly beautiful? photo: todd eberle The Palace of Itamaraty, Brasilia, Oscar Niemeyer, 1970 From Exercices de Style, via Madame Scherzo

Beautiful blend of old and new architecture

Contemporist features the Kooyong House in Melbourne, Australia.  It’s designed by Matt Gibson Architecture and I love the blend of original Victorian and modern architecture, as shown in the doors here…

For cultivators of ideas…

From Book Mania!, via Nicholas Bate, home libraries, bookshelves and reading havens to make your mouth water. I admit the wolf-skins gave me pause for thought but this one is heaven: “Interior designer Matthew White’s library gallery, located in the upper level of his living room. (Photo by Art Gray)”. Digging a bit deeper, this seems […]

Reflections on Majesty

From Apricots and Apples, via Madame Scherzo

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