Napoleon’s Kindle #Writing

From Cork County Library and Open Culture, via the wonderful Cramped blog: “Many of Napoleon’s biographers have incidentally mentioned that he […] used to carry about a certain number of favorite books wherever he went, whether traveling or camping,” says an 1885 Sacramento Daily Union article posted by Austin Kleon, “but it is not generally known that he […]

The Ned – this looks superb

The Ned is a new hotel in the City of London, carved from the former Midland Bank designed by Sir Edwin “Ned” Lutyens. The public areas look fantastic:   The full story and images are on, here.

Where once was glamour… @execupundit

… there is now a down at heel bus station.  Michael Wade rediscovers the joy of modern air travel.

Provence blue

Somewhere, deep in the heart of that region lies an ancient workshop that produces paint solely for the shutters and doors of Provence.  The secretive craftsmen – some say they are les gnomes – work almost entirely in shades and shards of blue, from a secret recipe rumoured to comprise three parts sky and two parts […]

This on the South of France from Sippican Cottage, via Execupundit … “I’m going to get up every morning and shave over a basin and then put on a suit. Sharp. I’m going to walk down a street made of little stones. There will be baskets of flowers depending from iron hooks mortared into the stuccoed […]

Shakespeare and Company, Paris

From Book Mania!, this pic of the wonderfully ramshackle, chaotic Shakespeare & Co. in Paris.  I was there a couple of weeks ago and it’s delightful: upstairs, between the bookshelves are beds, typewriters and a piano.  In a tiny, open-windowed room overlooking the Seine and Notre-Dame, a small group were sharing a poetry reading.  In […]

The living stone of Gaudi’s Barcelona

via Pinterest.

The living stone of Gaudi’s Barcelona

via Pinterest.

Carnewas Sunset

Prague's Franz Kafka International Named World's Most Alienating Airport

I enjoyed this … (other than the strangely stereotyped Teutonic check-in official). Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source Technorati Tags: The Onion,Franz Kafka

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